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Detroit Beirut

Detroit Beirut

I see my friend Joe Namy at least once a week and talk to him sporadically in between. Yet I had no idea this was coming. Seemingly out of nowhere, he put out a full-length album called Detroit Beirut. He put the whole thing online and made it downloadable for free or donation, along with some beautiful artwork. I’m so excited about the release of this project and look forward to more el.iqaa to come.

Detroit Beirut sounds like a collage of warzone, reconstruction, brokenheartedness and all-night dance party. It sounds like pulling the pieces together in the face of everything. I think track 9, “While They Were Sleeping,” is my favorite. I also love that I can detect footprints of other projects in some of the tracks– like the beat from “Reminders” off the LAMP CD, and the soundtrack to Detroit Unleaded. It makes Detroit Beirut feel even more like something that’s emerging from the sonic landscape of this place.

The whole download-for-donation thing is also pretty sweet. It’s been interesting to see how quickly Radiohead and Saul Williams latest projects have opened up people’s sense of what’s possible in terms of music distribution. Joe’s new project is one amongst a handful of my friends, who are ridiculously talented artists, figuring out how to apply the same level of brilliance and intention to developing new models of distribution as to the creation of the music itself.

Go download it!


It’s Getting Louder and Louder Out There

My good friend and co-conspirator, Diana Nucera, made this video for the Opening Ceremony of the Allied Media Conference, in the course of about 72 hours prior to the conference. I think this kind of media-making is nothing short of magic.