Bailout analysis


one more article, co-written by scott kurashige and grace lee boggs:

Alisa from INCITE! asked if I knew of any good analysis of the whole bailout situation because there’s so little on the big “progressive/radical” sites. My response:

hey alisa,

good question! i’ve also been been having a hard time finding good analysis.  it seems like a lot of radical/progressive people don’t know what to say.

this is probably the best thing i’ve read so far.  it’s by scott kurashige who worked with the boggs center for a long time and was one of Andy’s radical cohorts in the American Culture Dept at U of M. one important point he makes is that it’s inaccurate to refer to the big 3 as “detroit,” the way the mainstream media consistently does, because the big 3 left detroit proper decades ago, and a lot of people here have already seen the worst of what the economic crisis can bring:

this is an op-ed in the local paper, written by people from Labor Notes, a radical, rank-and-file union publication.  their most interesting point is that the UAW should be using this moment as an opportunity to get creative with their demands– to talk about national healthcare and building mass transit.

this is a really thorough break-down of how much UAW workers actually make, and where the root of the problem lies:

this is just kind of funny, the local paper loving jon stewart for having our backs:

and so is this:

then, the michigan citizen is generally a reliable source for progressive/radical local analysis, so check back regularly:

i’m actually trying to write something about building a “media-based economy” for detroit’s future.  if that happens, i will forward it on as well.

i hope that gives a slightly deeper view!  it’s complicated. one of the most interesting things about the whole situation is the feeling of solidarity among strangers, who otherwise would have so few shared interests.  like my conservative ex-GM grandfather and BFP expressing the same indignation at the way people are talking about detroit in the media.




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